Visualize aroma. We wanted to convey the aroma in a forum that is not so typical of the genre. To be able to visualize scent with a modern and uninhibited character. In a way that does justice to both & Other stories and the fragrances.

The objective: Create a visual description of fragrance, where other stories are an obvious part of communication.

The challenge: How do you sense scent digitally? How to describe scent on the internet? And how do you visualize the scent descriptions in motion.

Our vision: Through a visual explosion we expose the viewers to magical world of fragrance and its ingredients, structure and notes, convey what a scent can mean. How to relate to it and how it elevates and strengthens us as individuals.
To increase consumer awareness and strengthen Other story positions as a natural element in the buyer's choice of perfume.

Team & roles:
Honer Akrawi: Director, Art direction
Johan Wibrink(me): Art direction, 3D and Animation
Moa Pålstedt: Art direction, Collage & Illustration
Julia Pagmar: Art direction, Collage & Illustration

Disclaimer: The picture of the two models was taken by Sam Rock for self service magazine and music by Rufus de sol, treat you better. This movie was made as a school project and not attended to be used in commercial useage.